Roasted Purple Carrots Soup

Mint and Fenugreek flavored Roasted Purple Carrots Soup

Roasted Purple Carrot soup with mint and fenugreek

Soups were never made at home, growing up. The only soup that I grew up accustomed to, was a tomato soup served with croutons ordered on a rare visit to a North Indian style restaurant. It is amusing that we South Indians love to eat North Indian food when eating out and I hear it is vice-versa up north. Whatever the case, soups were not a norm. Over the years, especially more so after I began blogging, soups started to kind of grow on me and my kitchen started to see more of simmering soup pots, then on. Squashes, Apples, Pasta and Vegetables, Barley and Celery, Tomato, Spinach and Carrots Рthe list of vegetables that have been my soup experiment guinea pigs, is not quite bad considering my aforementioned background.

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