Fresh Walnuts in shell

fresh walnuts

I was reading this book on foraging last week when I learnt that United States is the most nut endowed country in the world. Upon reading that, I realized, my life so far has gone by without having sighted a single nut-tree or a fresh nut. However, living in Houston has come to be a boon in certain ways. Over the years, we have come to know this city to be a melting pot of cultures owing to its bustling oil and gas industry. As a result, this place is dotted with food joints representing a variety of cuisines and specialty grocery stores from around the world, Mediterranean being one of them.

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Ellu Bella

A festive trail mix of roasted peanuts and sesame seeds, dried coconut and diced jaggery

Ellu Bella

Year after year on the 14th of January or sometimes 15th, like in many Kannadiga homes, the tradition is, whether or not we eat anything else, there is always one thing fixed on the festive menu – Ellu Bella (pronounced yelloo-bella) (sesame seeds – jaggery).

It is not much of a recipe at all but just a medley of simple ingredients as anyone can see it. What makes it special however is that, it is never made for eating alone but, in spite of the tedious work involved it is always prepared in quantities large enough to be shared with as many people as one possibly can.

Or at least, that is how it used to be.

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Ingredient Love | Goji Berries

Happy New YEar 2013{ White Sands, New Mexico }

It is a brand New Year! Hope it has started well for you…

2012 left on a bitter note with gut wrenching events to swallow and us mute spectators with a ton to learn from.

I want to start this year not by turning back but by learning from the past, looking ahead a little, staying in the present a lot, living well every moment, laughing often, loving much holding dear ones even closer.

In food and eating, to consciously reduce microwave usage (this one is hard, I know!) and have no regrets about indulging whenever I do! (borrowed this from Chinmayie on facebook).

Looking ahead, now for the ‘New” part in the New Year for the blog…

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Raagi Badam Malt | Terra Madre Day

Finger Millet and Almond malt sweetened with jaggery

ragi badam malt

What do you give your growing child?

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Akhrot Khajoor Burfi | Walnut Date Burfi

Walnut Date Squares with Flax seeds and Dark Chocolate

Cannot believe this year has flown by so fast, it is that time of the year already!

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