Heart to Heart ~ Aisha Yusaf of Aisha Yusaf Photography


It is time for “Heart to Heart” in July and today’s guest of honor is Aisha Yusaf.

If you have been active on flickr for even the smallest amount of time and showed the slightest interest in food photography, bet you would have surely stumbled on her photos and been hooked onto them. Just like I did.

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Carrot Badam Pista Kulfi

Carrot Badam Pista Kulfi

Being fond of ice-creams is something almost every girl nods her head to. So has been my case for as long as I can remember.

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Heart to Heart ~ Vanessa Rees of V.K.Rees Photography

I’ve been smitten by her styling, the light in her photographs, the mood they suggest, the unique setting, the sense of place. Her photos are not just about the food, every picture is a food story in itself. I adore them. so much so that I can name her pictures just by looking at them and their style.

Chances are, you are very well acquainted with her photographs too. Most certainly so, if you are on Pinterest!


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Heart to Heart ~ Helene Dujardin of Tartelette


As bloggers, photographers (beginning, amateur, advanced, whatever the skill level may be) and even readers, I am sure each one of us has someone or many whom we look up to for inspiration and learning.

Heart to Heart as a series brings out interviews of such hugely talented, immensely creative and accomplished people. People who inspire others by being who they are, doing what they do and how they do it all. One such gifted photographers whose work I am an ardent fan of, right from the beginning of my blogging days (and I’m quite certain even you might be!) is none other than Helene Dujardin of Tartelette.

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Heart to Heart ~ Veronika Studer of The Kitchen Finesse

Earlier, in summer this year, I started a blogger/photographer interview series by name “Heart to Heart” with Lakshmi Wennäkoski of Pure (Vegetarian by Lakshmi).

In continuation with that spirit, here’s a next on the series with Veronika Studer of Veronika Studer PhotographyThe Spoon magazine and her blog The Kitchen Finesse which was recently featured on SAVEUR Sites We Love.

Vera’s brilliant photography, her sense of immaculate composition, lighting and styling are something I have been constantly drawn to. I’m sure most of you already are well acquainted with her work of art and adore her photography as much as I do or perhaps even more!

And the best part is, in my minimal interactions with her, she comes across as a very down to earth person, in spite of her incredible talent. That’s something to imbibe right there.

Thank you Vera for this lovely candid interview!

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