Canino Produce : Farmer’s market ~ A visit

Caninos - mexican food vendor

I was in India for most of this year’s summer. While there are many things I miss about being back home, in the context of food and cooking, the one thing I miss incredibly like no other is the joy of shopping in open vegetable markets. The old world charm of walking from one street vendor to another, picking the freshest produce in Malleswaram market, or the Mysore K R Market, Basavangudi market or any local market for that matter is quite an experience for the senses.

We came to know of this local Mexican produce market few years back. Since then it has become a go to place, whenever a memory of the Indian markets leaves us homesick. The uniqueness of the place, the vendors, and the tropical produce remind us of everything back home. Those of you in Houston will certainly find this place interesting and worth a visit.

Caninos pots and pans

Caninos-chillies and garlic

The stalls were brimming with purslane, chillies, garlic, papaya, pineapple, aloe vera, avocados, tender coconut, tender coconut slices smeared in cayenne pepper, mangoes carved as roses and sprinkled with paprika. Varieties of chillies, dry spices, raw honey, goji berries, pecans, and peanuts in shells, different kinds of flowering and fruit bearing plants like figs, blueberries, hibiscus, you name it!

I even foundJasmine (Mallige) plant and brought it home without fail.

Caninos-grandma vendor

Caninos-mango crates

We frequented this place more during the mango season.

Before coming to Houston, I was a bit of a snob when it came to Mangoes, choosing to eat only a handful variety of the best of them. After moving here, everything changed. As the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, I learnt to love what I had access to. Soon enough, the taste of the Mexican mangoes grew on me. Now I just cannot get enough of the Ataulfo Mangoes. When fully ripe, they are a gorgeous Mango yellow, 100% pulpy, no strings attached literally, no fibers to mess with your teeth and the thinnest pit I’ve ever seen!

This is from May through July/Aug. As September ends, pumpkins and squashes of all sizes and shapes adorn this market instead.

caninos - mangoes


caninos- peppers

A smorgasbord of beans, red chilles, peppers, cinnamon and even pots and pans.

Caninos-vegetable stall

caninos - sauces

Hot Sauces and Piloncillo (Mexican unrefined sugar comes in conical shapes similar to jaggery)

caninos-pure honey

Last but not the least, pure local honey. Very helpful during the onset of spring and fall or change of seasons to be precise, in fighting seasonal allergies.

We have to visit this fall to see what the season has to offer there..

Diclaimer: Opinions shared in this post are entirely mine and have written because I loved this place. This is not a sponsored post of any kind.

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6 thoughts on “Canino Produce : Farmer’s market ~ A visit

  1. Karla M Curry says:

    Ooh, that looks awesome… it’s like a farmers’ market on crack! I would totally get carried away. So if the produce is from local farmers, why are there sticker on the fruits, like at a grocery store?

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