Balcony Garden

“Gardening is an active participation in the deepest mysteries of the universe.” ~ Thomas Berry

While I’m busy with other things needing priority, thought I’ll show you around my little balcony garden. So come on.. enter my little green space..

Gardening – My way to connect with nature, an everyday proof of life

“Where you have a plot of land, however small, plant a garden. Staying close to the soil is good for the soul.” ~ Spencer W. Kimball

A friend gave this tomato plant when she moved to another state in winter

My little girl planted these. She makes sure to water them everyday and checks on them to see if she can find peas yet.

I read somewhere, it seems, if we let mint, it would take over the garden. I’d say, if you want to be sure about your green thumb, try planting mint.

I’d buy organic herbs for a steep price just to use once or twice and before I knew the whole thing rotted sitting in the refrigerator. Growing my own “lesser used” herbs such as rosemary, parsley and thyme lets me use a sprig as two as needed.

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul” ~ Alfred Austin

After an episode of mealy bugs, a home remedy solution of baking soda, salt and soap didn’t seem to help my dying curry leaf plant. I had lost all hopes when she started showing new signs of life.

Fingers crossed, she’ll make it..

If you have special tips for any of these or any plant for that matter, I’d love to hear from you..

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61 thoughts on “Balcony Garden

  1. nina luthra says:

    luvd what i read… love greenery too shall post pics. soon what id like to share fr hV been doing it fr years fr my plants…. sprinkle simple ash on d plants as often as possible&viola they r pest free ….give roses d. nourishment of egg shells&tea leaves&c them smile at u…luv &gd wishes

  2. katieatthekitchendoor says:

    Love your pictures! I had a horrific episode of mealybugs on my meyer lemon tree this year. Every day I’d go after them and I could never get them under control. I thought the tree was a goner. Then I used rubbing alcohol to wipe down every single leaf and stem of the tree, making sure to wipe off every single mealy bug. It took 2 full hours, but I haven’t seen any since then!

  3. Vijitha says:

    Garden looks gorgoeus Radhika. I need some tips for getting the curry leaf plant right? Mine dried up last time and I am planning to try my hands with herb garden this year.

  4. Fat Burner says:

    I’ve been wanting so much to have a garden like this in my apartment. Now you gave me the idea of what plants I can have. Hopefull y it’ll work even though I don’t have a green thumb. =)

  5. Tanvi says:

    Each plant looks so healthy & gorgeous Radhika! Touch wood. Where did you get curry plant? from India? I love using fresh herbs from my little spread too. Loved the parsely picture the most …infact all the shots are lovely!

    • Radhika @ Just Homemade says:

      Thanks Tanvi 🙂
      Bought it from the world foods market here..couple of years back. And, looks like Curry leaf plant seems to flourish here in Houston
      Many people have it in their homes, some even have curry leaf trees..
      Winter frost is the only main threat..

  6. Vijay says:

    Very nice collection of pics there, actually nice collection of plants too 🙂 perfect addition to the theme of your blogs.

  7. swatisapna says:

    Lucky lucky you! Im famous for my gardening skills too… any plant that comes into my home dies a sudden death!!! 😀 Have never been able to figure out why! Your garden really makes me envious…

  8. erinmotz says:

    What you say of mint is true! It grows like a weed and I love it 😉 Every time I step onto my “patio garden” to water the plants, the mint just fills the air with sweetness. Surprisingly my rosemary isn’t nearly as pungent? I wonder why? Beautiful pics, too! 😉

    • Radhika @ Just Homemade says:

      Thanks Erin. The thing I love about mint is that it needs so little attention. Snip it and it grows even more..
      I’ve read that pungency of rosemary can range from mild to extreme. Also that, many a times, dried rosemary is more pungent than fresh ones..

  9. sb says:

    @Radhika: Namaskaara! Thanks for trying to find that flower for me! The possible matches you suggested (and the link) are interesting but, no, they are different. The closest I have found is ‘Confederate Rose’ ( In Kannada, this flower is known as ‘nelataavare’ — it is white during the day, pink in the evening, and red at night! 🙂

    Will let you know when I find my plant. Hopefully, Chicago Botanic Garden, which is just a 15 minutes from where we live, has a sample! BTW, if the telugu name might ring a bell for you, it is called mudda-mandaaram.

  10. Taste Café Pretoria says:

    Tomato blossoms only last for about a day 🙂 But soon there will appear the most amazing little fruit there and the satisfaction will be immense! Tomatoes need lots of sun, heat and water and then they will flourish, so give them the sunny spot on your balcony. Check my blog here for my vine tomatoes I had this year:

    All the best with your wonderful effort!


  11. narf77 says:

    Just a tip about mealy bugs here…you can hit them over and over again but they will keep coming back because they are hiding in the soil. The ONLY way I killed mealy bugs in my potted succulents and cacti was to wash the soil off the roots very gently and repot them. That worked :). Don’t let it spread to the rest of your plants, it is very hard to get rid of.

    • Radhika @ Just Homemade says:

      When I tried to read up on them, I did not find this piece of advice.. So, thank you.. though that is bad news to me! I might have to re-pot many of them..
      So, that explains why no matter what I’ve tried, I see them recur.
      I see that succulents like you said are particularly vulnerable..Even neem oil extract was not potent enough for them!

  12. sb says:

    Since you are from Mysore & into gardening, I want to ask you if you don’t mind: Have you seen or tried growing in US what we used to call ಬೆಟ್ಟತಾವರೆ back in Mysore? I am not sure what it is called here, but I saw a plant with a flower in somebody’s shopping cart in Costco yesterday, and I bet it was ಬೆಟ್ಟತಾವರೆ. If my wife hadn’t stopped me, I think I would have offered to buy it at a premium from that lady. 🙂

    • Radhika @ Just Homemade says:

      So glad your wrote to ask about it. I did not know, but I learnt something new while trying to find out for you..
      It seems “Bettadavare” is known by the names Sunshine Tree or Sulphur flowered Senna or Golden Senna.
      Is this the one you were looking for?
      It should be available in garden centre stores like lowes or home depot or nurseries as “Wild Senna”
      Hope you get your “Bettadavare” plant, without any premium.. 🙂

      I’ll be happy to hear about your “Bettadavare quest”

  13. Grishma says:

    What a wonderful garden! WHo says you can’t grow anything when living in an apartment? All you need is passion. I am growing tomatoes, eggplant, cucumber, Herbs, chili pepper, bell pepper etc…Enjoying every day of it. And you have inspired me to post about it as well.

  14. Cheryl says:

    Love your balcony Garden Radhika. I have a basket full of seeds to plant….can’t wait to plant them all and get my garden started. I’m glad you’re enjoying your bounty 🙂

  15. Divya Prabhakar says:

    Radhi, I have a small garden of similar plants too in my balcony. Methi is another one of the most easy plants to grow and homegrown methi leaves taste delicious too 🙂 Loved the pics…as always they are amazing

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