How to reuse baby food jars

It is anyone’s guess that with a little one at home, used baby food jars are aplenty. For lack of storage space or just the sheer overwhelming rate at which they tend to multiply (let us not eye the poor baby now!), one is forced to get rid of them sooner than later.

From the time I had my own kitchen, I always wanted to have my own spice rack, a rotating one with lots of cute glass spice jars. But, every time I looked for one in the store, I would be put off either by the price or by the pre-filled spices in them which were of no use to me.

As the baby food jars accumulated faster than the garbage clearance schedule and I that never got the spice rack I wanted, I decided to ditch the idea of a store-bought spice rack. By reusing the baby food jars, I created my own spice rack customized to my very needs all at a thrift store price.

If you are in the mood to clear some clutter or to save some good dollars or just to do your “go green” bit for our planet today, here’s what you need to make your very own customized spice rack in 3 easy steps:

  • Empty baby food jars (size does not matter)
  • Stepped bamboo rack (available at Walmart)
  • White Labels (available at a $ store)

Fill the clean empty baby food jars with the spice of your choice, label and stack on the stepped bamboo rack for a unique spice rack of your own.

Baby food jars doubling as spice jars, arranged in a cupboard.

3 thoughts on “How to reuse baby food jars

  1. Cyndi says:

    Love reuse ideas! You could also glue a magnet to the lid or bottom and stick to a fridge, small cookie sheet mounted on the wall or, get a magnetic knife bar and stick the lid directly to the rack!

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