How to keep Cilantro(Coriander) fresh for days in the refrigerator

Keeping Cilantro/Coriander fresh is a common challenge we face on a daily basis. Often times, we even yield to buying that new “keep fresh” box from Walmart or end up paying more for the specially packed cilantro in a zip lock bag from Costco. Here are a few tips on how to keep Cilantro fresh for days in the refrigerator, just in a plain old plastic bag that you originally bring it home in.

  • First things first, resist the temptation to wash the coriander bunch before putting it in the fridge.
  • If there is any excess sprayed on mist on the coriander, pat it dry on a napkin or towel leaving just a little; a little mist is needed to keep it fresh and fine.
  • Place it in the plastic bag and wring the plastic bag tight leaving enough space in the bag around the coriander bunch so minimal part of the bag touches it, looking like a coriander bunch in a plastic sphere. You got it.
  • Wash the required amount before each use and after use, restore the remaining bunch the same way in the fridge and I can bet it won’t spoil for at least 2 weeks.

7 thoughts on “How to keep Cilantro(Coriander) fresh for days in the refrigerator

  1. Deepa says:

    I generally cut the roots and thick stem out off.. then place them in a plastic box with old newspaper on the botton. After placing all the leaves on the paper, place another folded paper on top and then close the box and place in fridge. Stays for atleast 2 weeks. If you find the paper soggy with water, replace the paper.

  2. Max says:

    Yes what a great way to keep cilantro alive. I once kept parsley for over two months this way. The way I do it is to keep the tops dry, as you said, and place the stems in a jar with a little water. I use a rubber band to fix the bag to the jar, and open it up once in a while One time I found the water had actually frozen, but the greens were fresh and crisp.
    A related tip that works for me with lettuce is to wash and spin it (a great invention by the way), then place it in a covered metal bowl with perhaps a little paper towel in the bottom. Keeps for weeks.
    I think the common thread here is to keep the air around the leaves and prevent any contact with plastic.
    – peace and fresh produce!

  3. Arpana says:

    Hey radhika, i was actually looking for some such tip for ages now!! I hate to see my cilantro & mint rotting in the bag. Thanx for sharing. Btw I am pleasantly suprised to know the blogger side of u. Hopefully, I am able to find time soon to try some of these..:) also, looks like the hyperactive toddler does let u some time for urself!!!

    • Radhika Kishore says:

      Hey Arpana,
      I am glad you found my tip useful.
      Do drop in and watch out for more recipes coming up soon. Guess, I learnt to steal some time for myself 😉

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