Carrot Badam Pista Kulfi

Carrot Badam Pista Kulfi

Being fond of ice-creams is something almost every girl nods her head to. So has been my case for as long as I can remember.

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Sajjige ~ Semolina Milk Pudding

Semolina Milk Pudding with brown sugar

Sajjige on blue

Today, I am guest posting for the lovely and super talented Monica Bhide.

I bet, you are thinking I got lucky.

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Walnut Date Burfi

Walnut Date Squares with Flax seeds and Dark Chocolate

Cannot believe this year has flown by so fast, it is that time of the year already!

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Coconut Badam Burfi

Coconut Almond Fudge

Remember, in my after vacation come back post, I mentioned that all I did was eating and zero cooking, when I was back home in India? It was true. And, I also hoped to share recipes of some lovely food I ate then. So, this is from one such unforgettable eating experiences.

While I was in Mysore, my maami (uncle’s wife) had prepared special sweets and savories to welcome the longtime visiting family, ahem, us. When she offered me a coconut burfi, at first , I was judgemental. How didfferent can a coconut burfi be?

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