Sajjige | Semolina Milk Pudding

Semolina Milk Pudding with brown sugar

Sajjige on blue

Today, I am guest posting for the lovely and super talented Monica Bhide.

I bet, you are thinking I got lucky.

Right, you are. I am living my dream.

If you let me, I might even say, it came true as if the universe conspired for this to happen. (May be I read too much of Paulo Coelho’s quotes).

What I want to say is, the thought was always there, somewhere in a tiny corner of my mind. But, this happened when Monica hosted a book giveaway (Imperfect spirituality) a short while back where I got lucky enough to win. On that pretext, mails exchanged and then, the moment presented itself. I was so kicked, I couldn’t stay put. Monica made it all look so easy.

And, she chose this simple yet classic dessert, among the three.

sajjige blue

sajjige empty

sajjige grey

sajjige spoon

Sajjige [pronounced suh-gee-gay, kannada] is special to me. Don’t judge it by its simplicity or the ingredient being semolina. It is so dear, that I am serving it with a story and a chuckle on the side.

Now, head over to Monica’s space to read my Sajjige story and for this simple, comforting dessert recipe.

And, while you are there, no hurry. Take your time to browse and read her columns, stories and writings. She has magic in her words…

sajjige book 3

You’re still here? As you can see, I went berserk with the photo shoot (like I always do?!). Hope you enjoyed this picture overloaded post.

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26 thoughts on “Sajjige | Semolina Milk Pudding

  1. Deepa says:

    Your post over at Monicas is stunning. Mum often makes Sajjige during our habbas so those are the memories it brings back for me. Loved your story and pics!

  2. Shruti says:

    Memories do make sajjige special. My mom made this almost every day with jaggery while she was with me helping me with my newborn. Your post reminds me, I havent made this for a while now. Pictures are splendid, as usual. There can never be too many of them. I can watch them all day :)

  3. Simi At Tns says:

    Am still here to leave you a comment :) well i love sajgey with a helping of kharabhath on the side…it’s a marriage made in heaven . I love you pictures and am going right there at monica’s to read your story and I do agree with you – she does have magic with words.

  4. Vikalinka says:

    Beautiful post, sweet semolina with milk and sometimes raisins is a very common way to have breakfast in Russia :-) especially for children. Your post makes me feel nostalgic!

  5. Nupur says:

    What a wonderful and simple dessert. I remember Mum making similar ( a bit more runny ) semolina milk pudding sort during winters and monsoon. Filled with warmth and care..

    great pictures, that swirly one is the best :D

  6. Amy says:

    I love semolina pudding!! My Mum used to make it all the when (upon my request ;) when I was little! Your recipe sounds delicious! Love it

  7. foodaddicted1 says:

    great recipe! semolina pudding reminds me childhood when my mom prepared it to me with cocoa, cinnamon, sugar and melted butter :) But next time I gonna try this one for sure

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